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St. Mary-Basha Catholic School

Celebrating 70+ Years of Excellence in Education

St. Mary-Basha Catholic School believes in providing  an excellent and integrated academic program, which focuses on the development of the whole child, including the student's body, mind and spirit in a Catholic School environment that is structured and disciplined.
Mission Statement:
St. Mary-Basha Catholic School is dedicated to preparing the student for a life that will positively impact the community through principles rooted in the Gospel and in the teachings of the Catholic Church. 
St. Mary-Basha Catholic School is dedicated to the education of the whole child as a Catholic and as a citizen. With the mutual cooperation of the home, Church, school, and community, we provide an atmosphere in which each student is given the opportunity to develop his/her unique gifts in order to build a life based on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 
Student Learning Expectations: 
It is expected that St. Mary-Basha Catholic School students will become;
  • have knowledge of Sacred Scripture and Church teachings
  • express belief through prayer, sacraments, and liturgy
  • have knowledge and ability to make good moral choices
  • demonstrate stewardship in Church, family, and community
  • respect Church and civil authority 
  • know the foundation and laws of our nation
  • understand consequences of action and impact on society
  • contribute to the betterment of society
  • demonstrate mastery of basic life skills in reading, writing, and math
  • apply critical thinking skills to identify, analyze, and solve problems
  • are cooperative and can follow directions
  • set group goals and participate in achieving them
  • recognize unique gifts of oneself and others
  • work together to reach a consensus
  • use multiple sources of references and tools for learning in a technological society
  • develop an appreciation of and participate in Physical Education, Music, and Art 
  • effectively apply Discipline with Purpose Skills
  • communicate effectively through the arts
  • communicate effectively through technology
  • communicate ideas in a variety of mediums, including reading, writing, and speaking 
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